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Pregnancy and Chiropractic


Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy is a time of amazing changes in a woman’s body as her uterus expands to care for her growing baby. When pregnant, the mother must adapt and compensate for these many postural and hormonal changes. Gentle, prenatal chiropractic care helps to remove some of the stresses of pregnancy, balance the mother’s pelvis and spine, and allow for an easier birthing process. When the mother’s body is in balance, her growing child can develop in a healthier environment.

Potential benefits for women receiving chiropractic care when pregnant include:

  • Relief of back, neck, pelvic, and joint pain
  • Controlling vomiting and morning sickness
  • Increasing the likelihood of a full-term delivery
  • Reduction in amount of time for labor and delivery
  • Reduction in cesarean sections and breech deliveries
  • Reduction in pain during labor
  • Safe and effective nutritional and exercise recommendations

For more information on pregnancy and chiropractic please visit the ICPA website


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